Client: Stuart Shave Modern Art

Architect: David Kohn Architects

Services: Party Wall Matters

Stuart Shave Modern Art (The Building Owner) are owners of a site in Helmet Row. The proposal is to redevelop an industrial building to a Modern Art gallery. The works will involve excavation for piled foundations where the new Art gallery will be constructed. New flashings and support in the party wall are also included in the proposal. These are being carried out adjacent to an 18th Grade 2 listed residential property.

Neil Thind was appointed on behalf of the building owner. Notices to 3 Helmet Row were served under Section 6 and Section 2 of the Act. In response the adjoining owners appointed Neil Thind as an “Agreed surveyor”.

The condition of the adjoining property was recorded so if there is any reported damage it would be clear whether it either pre-existing or caused by the proposed works.

The buildings involved were unique and complimented each other in terms of age and construction. Arun Associates expertise helped in understanding what is needed in determining an Award.