Building Defects Reports

Keeping on top of property management can be tricky on large sites or in large property portfolios. A leaseholder, tenant, or other interested party claims there is a dampness, roof leak, mould growth, or other defect in the property, and the change to legislation means the property manager needs to react promptly within a given timescale.

Arun Associates are both experienced and qualified in preparing defects reports, looking at building pathology, construction materials, and monitoring defect situations. We write clear, concise, reports supported with photographs and diagrams where appropriate, and in a timely fashion. We have access to M&E support for building services, health and safety support, and can arrange testing and specialist reports as well. Report conclusions always contain an executive summary.

Working for a large number of different organisations and property-based clients, we respond quickly, act with discretion and sensitivity, and apply our professional judgement impartially. We are conscious that our technical reports need to be accurate and truthful, and may in some cases be used as evidence in legal cases.

Our reports have included varied subjects amongst others, such as heating issues, dampness and condensation, means-of escape, roofing, floor failure, external and internal decorations, timber decay and rot, wood boring beetle infestation, subsidence, structural movement, foundation failure, underpinning, concrete repairs, balconies, partitions, sanitaryware, external paving and boundary walls, flues and chimneys, windows and doors, thermal insulation, and building services reports.

Changes in climate over the years has added further challenges to the UK and properties. Materials may thermally move more than previously due to temperature, rainfall can be more intense, and our surveyors are conscious of this, always keeping up to date on modern technical solutions, but recommending a traditional approach to repairs and renewals where it is justified.

If time is of the essence, we can arrange to turn a technical report around within a few days of inspection and gathering the information from site. More complex cases may require longer-term monitoring, and tests. We would always discuss the relevant options with you.

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