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Acquiring a property is always a potential risk, whether it is freehold or leasehold. Fewer people nowadays, commission building surveys of their home when purchasing, but a building survey can help you make important decisions, and reduce your exposure to risk. Commercial property may have all sorts of issues, so may need a professional opinion, as to whether that purchase or lease is good value for money.

Once you exchange contracts on a property or sign a lease agreement, it can prove very costly to back out of the deal. A building survey can be tailored to the client’s needs, from a preliminary report to a fully comprehensive inspection and technical report.

Arun Associates building surveyors are used to inspecting a wide range of properties, and provide an executive summary to focus-in on the key issues, without having to read the entire report in detail. We avoid complex technical terms where possible, and try to make the report user-friendly, avoiding unnecessary technical jargon, but providing the reader with essential information.

Where necessary, tests can be arranged to provide more in-depth information, from investigation of failure of roofs, concrete, water ingress, foundation failure, cracking of buildings, presence of asbestos and hazardous materials, tests of building services, and structural engineering issues.

Whilst some surveyors rely heavily on damp-proofing contractors to ‘pass the buck’ of responsibility, Arun Associates surveyors will only use such specialists if they truly add value, and have a proven track record. The problem with many specialist firms out there, is they are in business to take your money and sell their damp-proofing services. Some may be less than transparent about the need for carrying out damp-proofing injection in your walls, and associated treatments.

Nothing replaces the chartered building surveyor’s knowledge, experience and professional judgement in inspecting property. In short, some inspection services out there have become rather ‘lazy’, and either do not have the time or expertise to go back to basic building pathology on materials and construction, and how buildings and materials can deteriorate and fail over time.

Whilst most of our building survey reports omit the costs of remedial works, we are able to incorporate estimated costs of works and options for the client, if specifically requested, and this would be reflected in the agreed fees for the service.

The client has the option of walking away from the property, renegotiating the purchase price or lease, or proceeding and commissioning Arun Associates surveyors to specify and manage the remedial works, or using their own professional construction team.

Flexibility in our approach is the key to a good, professional, working arrangement. Talk to us, on a no-obligation basis.

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