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Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015

Under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 “CDM 2015” if you are intending to carry out any construction works then you need to comply with these regulations. This includes works such as refurbishment, demolition, extension, redecoration, maintenance or general upkeep of a structure.

Within these regulations there are dutyholders of Client, Principal Designer, Designer, Principal Contractor and Contractor.

The Client is person in charge of the project and can be a business or an individual. Arun Associates can act as Client CDM advisor to assist the Client team with their duties.

Under CDM 2015 Client duties include:

  • Making suitable arrangements for managing a project and ensure they remain in place throughout the project (time and other resources).
    • Arrangements should be appropriate to the nature of the works and enable other duty holder to carry out their work without risk to themselves or anyone else who may be affected.
  • The management arrangements should:
    • Include how project is to be run taking account of any risks to public.
    • Explain selection and appointment of designers and contractors to ensure they have necessary capabilities to undertake the works required.
    • Allocate sufficient time and resources to each stage of the project.
    • Ensure suitable welfare facilities are in place before works start.
  • Anyone appointing a designer or contractor must take reasonable steps to satisfy themselves that the above conditions are met.
  • If there is to be more than one contractor working on the project then the Client must appoint a Principal Designer and a Principal Contractor, appointments must be in writing.
    • If these are not made then the duties default to the Client.
  • Provide pre-construction information as soon as is practicable.
  • Notify the HSE, (or other authority), if appropriate as soon as practicable before the construction phase commences.
  • Take reasonable steps to ensure the Principal Designer is carrying out their duties.
  • Ensure the Construction Phase Plan, (CPP), as prepared by the Principal Contractor is adequate for the work. The CPP must be project specific, take into account pre-construction information and be proportionate to the site risks.
  • Ensure suitable welfare facilities are on site from the very start.
  • Ensure the arrangements made for managing health and safety during construction are working successfully.
  • Take reasonable steps to ensure the Principal Contractor complies with their duties.
  • Check the Health and Safety File has been prepared (by Principal Designer or Principal Contractor).

Where the Client is a “Domestic Client” (they live in the premises where works will be undertaken) are excused most duties and these should be carried out by the Designer, Principal Contractor or Contractor.

A Principal Designer, (PD) is only required where a project has more than one contractor at any one time. Arun Associates can offer to undertake the role of Principal Designer or Principal Designer Advisor (to other design team members).

  • The PD must be a designer and be in a position to have control over the design and planning stage.
  • The PD may be an individual or organisation with:
    • Technical knowledge of the construction industry.
    • The understanding and skills to manage and coordinate the pre-construction phase including any design work carried out after construction begins.


  • The PD is to plan, manage and monitor the pre-construction phase and coordinate matters relating to health and safety during the pre-construction phase.
  • Assist the Client in identifying, obtaining and collating the pre-construction information.
  • Provide the pre-construction information to designers, Principal Contractor and contractors.
  • Ensure designers comply with their duties and cooperate with each other.
  • Liaise with the Principal Contractor for the duration of PD appointment.
  • Prepare the health and safety file

As part of our services we can also offer to undertake construction site health and safety reviews either as an independent one-off audit or a regular planned inspection regime.

Arun Associates, CDM Consultants London and Home Counties have been established around twenty years, and have seen important changes to the CDM Regulations as they have been revised over time. Clients still have a duty to ensure their project team and contractors are competent, and are able to effectively apply the relevant parts of the regulations, to carry the works out safely.

We can help you with this process.

For additional details, the Health and Safety Executive has a section on their website specifically relating to CDM regulations:

The HSE leaflet entitled “Want construction work done safely?” which is subtitled “A quick guide for clients“ is available at

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