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Selecting the appropriate building contract for project works is more difficult today as compared with some years ago. There is now more choice for the Architect, Surveyor, Project manager and Client. More versions of the JCT contracts and other forms, are now available. More changes affecting the roles and responsibilities of the project team.

Even smaller works requires some considerable thought in advance of preparing project documentation, to avoid problems later. The range of insurances are now more complex, with several options now available which were not so common in the past. Clients need professionals to understand the minefield of contracts, tender documentation, insurances, rules and regulations, to ensure their project will not be delayed, or challenged. And to have a clear understanding of relevant contract case-law, too.

Costs, of course, must be kept closely under control, but contractors will now frequently be asked for a projected valuation expenditure schedule, to help with client budgeting. When it arrives, is that schedule made up of figures pulled out of the air, or is it a realistic forecast projection of the anticipated progress of the job and project-spend? An experienced building surveyor or QS can advise.

It’s what they are trained for.

Keeping on top of the variation costs, additions and omissions from the works, is key to effective project management and contract administration. Arun Associates’ surveyors know exactly what they have to do, in order to perform efficiently and add value to the project.

As client, or property manager, you will expect the highest standards of project documentation and administrative control. A balance will have to be struck between flooding the tendering contractors with project contract–documents and risking the elevation of tender prices because of it.

Comprehensive documentation should not alarm a competent contractor, however. But the unknowns are usually the subcontractors, who often are not given sufficient time to absorb the information, put in a price at the last moment, and then spend a lot of the project trying to look for ‘extras’ to compensate them financially. Not good. Allowing sufficient time at the Client/project team end, can help.

The main attribute of your Designer and Contract Administrator should be communication. Effective communication is, or should be equal to technical and contractual knowledge and expertise. A poor communicator will cost a client money, and probably delays too.

If there are to be project changes, as is sometimes the case, then they need to be dealt with professionally, and promptly. Arun Associates’ building surveyors will not put off a difficult conversation with the client. We tell it how it is. Good news, and not so good, at times.

But we have your best interests in mind, at all times. We put in as much effort at handover of the project and pre-handover stage, as during the main works itself. Requesting, and checking contractor and subcontractor’s documentation, certification, guarantees, testing regimes, logging them, chasing up remedial works before handover, being aware of the need for information for the CDM ‘Health and Safety File’ from the contractor and his subcontractors.

Ensuring the end-result is what was specified and asked for. The outline of the final account is considered during the project, and not just after handover.

On design, we are able to provide detailed drawings in CAD to a high standard and provide architectural designs where needed. Whether refurbishment of an office block, a residential housing estate, major repairs and redecorations, or alternatively, a new-build project, we can add value to your project. Our design team includes M&E services engineers and structural engineers, used to working on complex projects.

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