Licences for Alterations

Alterations and building works to existing occupied leased properties can be complex or simple, but most will require some form of formal consent from the landlord / freeholder. This process needs to be formalised to avoid misunderstandings later on, and ensure there is due protection to ensure compliance with statutory consents such as building control approvals, planning, or listed building consent.

The leaseholder may then have to pay reasonable costs to the landlord/management for the drawing up of a legal licence for consent and pay reasonable and appropriate professional fees. In some cases, this licence may be annexed to a schedule of condition before the work commences.

Arun Associates can prepare the licence for alterations and any relevant schedule of conditions which may be required. Additionally, they can make inspections on behalf of the management, once the alteration works have been completed, and sometimes inspect at interim stages of the work on a larger project.

Typical works vary in scope and size, but could include works such as alteration of internal load-bearing, and non-loadbearing walls in a property, removal of flues and chimney breasts, constructing extensions to an existing property, altering building services to suit a commercial, industrial, or residential use, widening of door openings, forming through-lounges, installing wheelchair-accessible toilets and lifts, and providing loft conversions.

It may be the case at the end of the lease the property might have to be altered back to the original layout, depending upon the terms of the licence or lease, and this might trigger a dilapidations claim by the landlord. Arun Associates are familiar with this approach, and can give professional advice, based upon relevant case-law applicable.

Whether or not any dilapidations are, or will be a future issue, Arun Associates have the track-record, experience and knowledge in preparing Licences for alterations of property. We understand both residential, and commercial property. We can work closely with both your legal team and property team, and can assist on a single, individual case, or alternatively, on multiple leaseholder applications for licences for alterations.

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