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Most buildings rely on complex building services to function efficiently. When these work well, everyone is happy. When they start to fail, or cost large amounts of money to repair and replace, then they may need further investigation, feasibilities, cost-planning and technical reports by Mechanical & Electrical  specialists.

Boilers, lifts, air-con systems, drainage, heating systems, security systems, electrical installations/ lighting and power, I.T. systems, fire alarms and detection, energy controls - All of these and more, can cause serious problems when they fail, or are about to be upgraded in an occupied building.

That is why Arun Associates work closely with their M&E support services team, and there is an excellent synergy between that team and our building surveyors. Asbestos removal is but one area which may require close cooperation between building surveyors, project managers, M&E consultants, contractors, subcontractors, and clients.

Buildings have moved on from incorporating limited building services, to modern high-tech services and controls. Upgrading a fire alarm or security system requires a good knowledge of legislation as well as technical standards. But we don’t all live or work in high-tech buildings. Sooner or later those lifts or boiler plant or heaters will still need renewal. The window-cleaning equipment needs changing, the energy performance of the building needs to be reviewed to see if costs can be significantly saved.

Our M&E support team are used to preparing client-friendly reports and feasibilities, on a wide range of building types, residential and commercial. They have a knowledge, expertise, and understanding of modern technical standards, but are also sensitive to the balance needed to incorporate both practicality and cost-effectiveness, in the short, medium and longer term.

Depending upon your project, it may be that our M&E support team will work to your project manager, our in-house project manager, or even lead the project because so much of it is services-based. The availability in professional resources, of having Arun Associates’ building surveyors available to work alongside the engineers, and to deal with more surveying-related tasks, such as measured surveys, party structure issues, schedules of condition, dilapidations or contract administration and valuations, should also be comfort to the client.

We won’t shy away from our team attending client meetings, or progress meetings. When there is not so good news to report, we won’t beat around the bush. We just get on with doing our jobs professionally.

Please contact Arun Associates to discuss your project where M&E services might be a significant factor. It really doesn’t matter whether the project is to be planned at some future stage, i.e. for a year or two in the future, as the earlier you contact us, the more we can add value to your project.

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