Measured Building Surveys

Measured Building Surveys

There will be times when a measured building survey of your land or property, or part of your property, will be necessary to progress a project. That could be for planning or building regulations applications, or perhaps to help resolve a dispute on ownership of land with a neighbour.

There is a protocol and process understood by our property surveyors as how to correctly illustrate features on drawings and CAD drawings. You may already have an old drawing which might need updating, due to changes on the land or property, or simply just the passage of time.

There may be a need to identify and show inspection chambers for drainage, pipework, cable routes, access points, plant and building services. These might need to be checked first as to their position and condition, before they are added to your measured survey drawings.

CAD Drawings

Most of our drawings are done with the aid of CAD or Computer Aided Design software. We can work with older, original hand-drawn plans and convert them into digital drawings. Layers can be added to provide supplementary information such as building services, signage, reference to asbestos surveys, etc.

Designers might need to do risk assessments under The CDM 2015 regulations, and an up-to-date measured survey can assist with identifying relevant features to avoid problems, injury to persons, contractors, or other relevant issues.

CAD drawings can be easily linked to specifications of works, or schedules for annexing to schedules of rates or information to support your Bills of Quantities. Our support service can assist architects, designers, property managers and clients in taking responsibility for the design of part, or all of a project, converting it into working drawings, obtaining the approvals and providing specification notes, and construction details.

Architects and Designers

For architects, we can do as much or as little you require, to take on the challenge of the detailed drawing work. Perhaps you would benefit from others carrying out the site measured survey, and producing measured survey plans, as a preliminary stage. Arun Associates are experienced in detailed measured building survey work.

We are also familiar with party structure issues, and preparation of schedules for condition. Our architectural technologists are proactive, experienced, and willing to take on a challenge in respect of design on your, or your client’s project.

Listed Buildings

Some property or sites might be listed, and any adaptation is closely controlled and monitored by statutory authorities such as English Heritage and Planning Conservation Officers. It is not unusual to be asked to provide ‘as-built’ drawings before alterations are approved. These can include preparing elevation drawings of partitions, walls, rooms and areas, showing all relevant features to scale, and with key dimensions shown. Very large sites might even benefit from use of aerial drones and photo-surveys, which we can organise.

The Survey Tools

Our surveys use electronic digital measuring devices and physical tapes, surveyor’s optical levels and where necessary, theodolites for measuring angles and gradients on buildings and sites. In future, scanning of buildings digitally, will become more common and our team at Arun Associates are reviewing the technology, but will work with more traditional methods for the time being.

Photographic surveys of buildings and sites, both video and still photographs, can form part of the service. Survey records of fences, walls and boundaries can be established and recorded digitally, both on plan and on elevation.

Our most important ‘tools’, however, are our surveyors and our architectural technologists, who have the experience and knowledge in how to approach a new survey or project.

Arun Associates can produce for you, or your client, detailed measured surveys from a single room to an entire site on CAD to scale. We can provide multiple prints to suit your needs, in monochrome or colour.

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