Project Management

Arranging a building-related project can be time-consuming for a business. Property Managers will need to make time to identify building works are needed on a programme, and ensure everything is in place before work starts. If you don’t have the time or the resources, then the options are to reallocate the work to an experienced member of your in-house team, or alternatively to an external surveying consultant.

Engaging a project manager to assist you needs to be done with care. Not everyone is experienced in working on occupied property, and there could be issues such as asbestos-containing materials or other hazards in your building. Relevant information will need to be identified and collated. This might include existing plans, drawings, records of building services, asbestos registers, health and safety files, etc. It all takes time. Our project managers will build in a sensible procurement period into the programme, and select an appropriate building contract for the works.

In essence, there are two types of project managers; Firstly, the project manager (PM) who takes on a building project and is fairly hands-on, from measuring dimensions on site to writing the specification of works and the contract administration, etc. Then there is the Project Manager on larger schemes, whereby there might be due diligence examination of leases and project documentation, and pulling together and managing a project team on behalf of the client. Arun Associates can offer both services, depending upon the size and scale of project. The volume of information generated on most projects can be considerable, so our PM’s will play their part in helping to coordinate and filter the information, effectively.

We are able to take our place as building surveyors and quantity surveyors as part of an overall team managed by others. Or, we can confidently lead the team and appoint the team specialists, whether they are Structural engineers, M&E Engineers, Environmental consultants, CDM advisers, Access Consultants, or Architects. Coordination of information and communication across the specialists is of paramount importance, and we will always ensure everyone is kept informed of decisions which affect them, and the client, in good time.

Progress reporting can be tailored to the client’s requirements, as some prefer a one-page summary on a weekly basis, whilst others want considerable detailed technical reports, combined with detailed analysis cost projections, graphs, charts, and statistics, on the project. Where a project is BIM-managed, we can incorporate that into the reporting processes too.

Sustainability is the future, so our project managers have one eye on costs, programme and quality, and another on sustainability of materials, systems, processes, and energy-efficiency, to ensure the client receives the best value overall. Sustainable buildings are our future, so let’s start here, irrespective whether your project is a repairs and external redecoration one, or a new-build office or other development.

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