Section 20 Project Works

Upgrading and refurbishment of existing premises, such as blocks of flats and residential accommodation, will probably require Section 20 consultation of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, with leaseholders and stakeholders before work can commence. This might include window renewals, boiler upgrades, concrete repairs, security works, cladding renewals and external redecorations and repairs.

Unless a robust and formal process is adopted and implemented, landlords and property managers may have their programmes of repairs and renewals delayed, which can be costly, and frustrating. Arun Associates are used to assisting property managers and stakeholders with Section 20 processes, to ensure leaseholders and management are kept informed of proposed works, costs of ‘qualifying works’, and apportionment of the final account, to spread both the works costs and professional fees of works fairly, and impartially.

The Section 20 process is there to protect leaseholders, but they will have to make a fair contribution to building works costs, based largely on their lease terms, and the Landlord and Tenant Act.

No one wishes to pay one penny more, than they have to contribute financially as a tenant/leaseholder, and a practical and transparent approach adopted by the Arun surveying team, will reduce queries and ease the whole process, to move the project forward.

Arun Associate’s role is to identify the relevant costs regarding Section 20, and to provide a comprehensive and professional contract administration service. This service will include clarifying the client’s brief, site survey, design and specification, estimating costs of works to advising award of contracts following tendering.

Additionally, our surveyors will administer the contract, including arranging all necessary contract certification, and preparing the final account for the completed building works. Arun Associates will ensure the correct procedures are followed on your project, and will adhere to an agreed programme, having regard that each project is unique.

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