Structural Engineering Support

All property needs constant attention in maintenance, maintaining condition of the fabric, services, and structure, etc.
There will be times when structural advice is required, from an engineering viewpoint. Additionally, as a property manager or a building owner you may wish to extend, adapt, improve or alter your premises or perhaps, organise alterations to property owned by your clients. Calculations and drawing designs may be required to be submitted by an engineer to building control, prior to works commencing.

Perhaps you are considering a basement enlargement, or similar major alteration, and if so, need to ensure it is done safely, considering the ground conditions, water table, foundations, and the adjoining neighbouring properties. A detailed inspection and structural calculations may be required to satisfy the local authority, and to manage and control the increased loadings on the structure. Arun Associates’ qualified structural engineers can arrange all necessary inspections, calculations and submissions of designs to building control.

Then, there are cracks in walls, ceiling plaster, around stairs, window and door openings, which might become apparent, which maybe were not there before. Or, they might have been there, but you just didn’t notice them. Now you notice the cracks widening, and perhaps some plaster-dust falling nearby.

You need reassurance from a professional that the defect is minor, and the wall or plaster can just be filled. If it is more significant, then advice will be needed as to what is causing the problem, and will it affect your home, it’s value, or not? Drying out of clay subsoil, tree-root damage, neighbours positioning scaffolding on your land, and more. All can be stressful, but with a professional supporting you, the problems are manageable, and you can plan ahead, with some degree of certainty.

Reinstating beams, lintels, and rebuilding pier supports may need specialist advice. Temporary supports might be needed, shoring-up, needling, or bracing and stiffening of openings.

Building surveyors and structural engineers are different disciplines, yet they understand each other’s role in solving building-related issues. It’s all about teamwork. Arun Associates are here to help, and where necessary, to bring in a qualified structural engineer to support you, and your property team, in having the facts. In making some of the key decisions, too. We like to give our customers and clients a degree of choice, presenting them with realistic and practical options. That way, you have some control of the costs, timescales, and how to move forward. If building insurers or loss-adjusters are involved, we can help there too. Even if you are not insured for property damage or defects, we can advise you, on your options.

Maximising and utilisation of building area and space is important where capital costs and revenue must be planned for, and need to be monitored. A structural engineer may be able to suggest some modern technology or new technical methods to your project, which can save you, or your client, both time and money.

Designs for alterations and upgrading buildings will usually involve affecting the building structure in some way. Whether this is just forming a simple structural opening by removing a load-bearing partition, or removing chimney breasts, widening doorways, relocating stairs, putting in an additional mezzanine floor, it is imperative that the work is pre-planned and complies fully with current Building Regulations.

Not all alterations will require the input of a structural engineer, but when they do, you can rest assured that Arun Associates can manage that process for you, relatively painlessly.

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