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Finding cracks in your property can be of serious concern. Your home and buildings are likely to be your greatest investment. It’s therefore very important to ensure you have the professional assistance to advise and guide you through the process of establishing and rectifying the cause of the cracks.

Arun Associates are here to help you.

Cracks can be caused by various building defects. Our Chartered building professionals can assist you in diagnosing the cause of the cracks through building pathology, tacit knowledge and many years’ experience.

Insurance companies receive over 33,000 subsidence claims a year, many of which turn out not to be subsidence. However, London has the highest number of valid subsidence claims in the country. The majority of London’s properties are built on clay soil which is highly susceptible to seasonal movement and can be significantly affected during long dry periods which can cause the clay to shrink and become desiccated. Trees and defective drains also play a major role in the cause of subsidence damage. If caught early enough, the cause can easily be mitigated and at relatively low cost. However, if ignored, it doesn’t go away and the damage can become very destructive and quite devastating.

The good news is that the old days of underpinning have all but vanished. With only around 3% of valid subsidence claims requiring underpinning; or what has become known as an engineering solution.

At Arun Associates we have the knowledge and experience to help you by undertaking an Initial Assessment and Report. We will advise on the cause of cracking and whether we believe you have a valid insurance claim (or not). Either way, we can assist to rectify the problem.

If we suspect subsidence, our report is set out in such a way that you can refer it directly to your insurers. We will advise you on how to approach your insurer and we will undertake all of the site investigations and monitoring necessary to prove and resolve the cause of the subsidence and to then reinstate your property back to its former glory.

We have highly experience Chartered Building Surveyors, Building Engineers and Chartered Structural Engineers with many years of experience in building pathology. We work closely with our colleagues in geotechnical investigation, drainage, monitoring and arboriculture. Providing a full and comprehensive service.

If your business or home is going to be significantly disrupted by the reinstatement work, we can assist in relocating you and your business (or family) through direct discussion with your insurer’s representatives. Be proactive and call Arun Associates today to discuss your concerns.

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