Insurance Claims & Reinstatement

Whether you are affected by a fire, flood, escape of water, structural damage or subsidence, these may be classed as insured risks. They will be traumatic events which can affect your home or business, and requires a constructive and organized strategy to remedy the impact of the incident.

Most insurers appoint a loss-adjuster, and Arun Associates are used to negotiating with them, to ensure clients affected by insured events obtain the best deal. The good news is that most insurers allow professional fees as part of an insurance claim, where the damage has been substantial, and not minor. This means you, as the affected party, will not usually have to pay those professional fees, unless you wish to have improvements added in any remedial works.

We have the experience to deal with most insured risks affecting property. Many clients notice cracking or difficulty in opening doors and windows, and this might be due to subsidence or foundation movement. Your property should be insured to give you protection for such matters. A qualified chartered building surveyor can be appointed to work with the loss adjuster / insurers, to identify the cause, or causes of structural movement, with a view to monitoring, and remedial works.

Fires, associated smoke damage, flooding or escape of water on a large scale can be devastating to a property, home or business. Clients affected will expect the support and assistance from professionals that are qualified, experienced, and those whom they can trust, in giving advice. Arun Associates can arrange specifications of works, drawings, contractors, tenders, negotiation with loss-adjusters, and even help you appoint a loss-assessor on complex claims.

Where clients wish to incorporate improvements as part of remedial works and refurbishment, we can assist in those specific areas. Improvements may not be covered by your insurers, so there may be a cost implication. Arun Associates building surveyors, are aware of the general rules and restrictions, that the terms and conditions from building’s and content’s insurers may impose on insured clients.

With our network of experienced surveyors situated around the country we can provide national coverage on major building insurance reinstatement projects. Whatever your situation feel free to contact us to discuss or read some of our blog articles detailing our professional approach on this area.

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