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Every building project is different and our prices reflect the level of complexity, the number of awards required and the time involved.

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The price can be a fixed fee or an hourly rate. It all depends on whether it is simply a case of facilitating the award or a more involved role in the project on behalf of the adjoining owner.

In all cases it is the building owner carrying out the work who pays the fees.

Building Owner Surveyor

What's included:

  • Identification of adjoining property owner and address (if not the tenant) so you can comply with the 2 month notice period and avoid delays.
  • Advice on how best to achieve cooperation with your neighbour

  • Drafting and serving the notice

  • Follow up of the notice after 14 days if required

  • Carrying out a schedule of condition survey at the adjoining property before the works start.

  • Drafting, negotiating and agreeing the Award with neighbour's surveyor.

  • Serving of the Party Wall Award.

Joint Surveyor

What's included:

  • Drafting, negotiating and agreeing Award on behalf of the Building Owner and Adjoining Owner.

  • Note: Your neighbour has the right to appoint their own preferred party wall expert. In most cases this expense is covered by the person doing the build project. For that reason it makes good sense to try and appoint a joint surveyor

Adjoining Owner Surveyor

What's included:

  • Agreeing the schedule of condition record before the works start.

  • Liaising with the building owner’s surveyor to negotiate and agree the Award.

  • Note: In the majority of cases, the adjoining owner surveyor fees are paid for by the the one carrying out the building works.


Where additional work is required as a result of project related issues and concerns, we typically work on an hourly rate as such complications are often quite tricky to resolve.

This could include helping you to agree compensation for unnecessary inconvenience, agree a sum of money to be placed in a secure bank account (ESCROW) in case of unsafe or incomplete work or proving that damage has occurred and getting agreement to repair the damage or pay compensation.

You can CALL US for FREE ADVICE  about how to comply with your obligations and/or protect your interests under the Act.



If your neighbour is about to start work or you have received a Notice

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