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When it comes to structural changes affecting your biggest personal asset, things can go wrong and ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry’.

Some straightforward advice and the right documents can avoid a lot of finger pointing and stress down the line.

What’s your situation?

Whether you are the Building Owner (ie the one carrying out the building works)
or the Adjoining Owner (the neighbour affected by the works), can CALL US for FREE ADVICE  about how to comply
with your obligations and/or protect your interests under the Act.

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I am planning building works


As the Building Owner you have certain obligations under the Act before you even get started on the project. Find out the 5 things you need to know and do and how we can help you.

My neighbour is going to be building

Party Wall Surveyors London

As the Adjoining Owner you will want to make sure that there is agreement about how the project is run and how you can recover costs for any damage caused to your property.


Initial advice about how the Act applies to your project is always FREE

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If you choose to appoint us, the pricing can be a fixed fee or an hourly rate depending on whether it is simply a case of facilitating a Notice or an Award or a more involved role in the project on behalf of the Adjoining Owner.

In most cases it is the Building Owner carrying out the work who pays the fees.

We are also members of RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) and the FPWS (Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors), which means you can be confident of receiving sound advice and the highest standards of professional service before, during and after the building project is complete.

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