Case Studies


Acting as Adjoining Owner’s party wall surveyor our client was concerned about the effect a new block of flats development with a double basement would have on their existing residential block. The new building is to be located immediately adjacent to the existing.

Such development no doubt presented immediate concerns in respect of structural stability and Arun Associates engaged their in-house structural engineer to review and advise on any proposed amendments to the structural design and building methodology with the developer’s design and construction teams. Structural review was completed and concerns addressed and to date three separate party wall Awards have been agreed with the developer’s appointed party wall surveyor.

There is always a risk that adjacent excavation works can be left incomplete or improperly supported and result in damage. Arun Associates advised their appointing owner of the risks and had ensured that a reasonable sum of security monies paid by the developer (under section 12 of the Act) had been set aside in a secure solicitor’s account. Release of this money can only be accessed upon the agreement of the appointed surveyors once we are satisfied that the notifiable party wall related work has been satisfactorily completed and the Adjoining Owner’s property is clear of any damage.

We also insured that there were adequate security monies to cover the cost of taking down and rebuilding a section of the party wall which separates the developer’s and adjoining owners site. We were pleased to confirm that the wall had been satisfactorily rebuilt bar some minor snagging following our recent interim site inspection.

As of March 2018 works are currently ongoing on this multi-million pound project and a further award will need to be agreed to address construction matters relating to the works above ground such as weathering and connection details where the two buildings will abut each other.